Searching for best Android app related to anything is the most confusing thing. We are always in dilemma in choosing which app to download that will fulfill our purpose....

Searching for best Android app related to anything is the most confusing thing. We are always in dilemma in choosing which app to download that will fulfill our purpose. There are hundreds and hundreds of app related to a single topic. Whether you need a great browser app, weather app, app for kids, there are always dozens available. We have to spend many hours if we are not sure about any app. So here I have compiled a list of best app which you use most frequently.

the 7 Minute workout app:-

Whether you want to lose a few extra pounds or get mental peace or improve your energy levels, the 7 Minute workout app is a great collection of all these things. Its useful for all those who cannot reach out to any gym or live in remote area where resources are not available. Its main attracting feature is its simplicity. So what are you waiting for if you are determined to be fit and feel good.


360 security:-

In the era of growing dependencies on technology the most important thing that we have to take care about is “security”. We do most of our transactions on phone today. Even if we use internet on daily basis our phone is very much prone to threats and viruses. So it is utmost important that we have an app that keep our system secure in all aspects whether it is related to financial transactions or just browsing. I have come across many antivirus program, but i will suggest only 360 security to go for. 360 security also boost phone memory on a regular basis. So it helps in deleting unwanted files which only takes space in memory and are of no use to us.



If you are very much fond of reading but don’t have time or facing internet connection problem. Pocket is the solution for you. It allows you to save articles and videos to read and watch later whenever you get time . You will never regret that you haven’t read some really great thing just because of short of time or poor internet connection. It’s the perfect time pass when you are travelling alone and getting bored.



Skype is one of the best app if you want to have communication with someone abroad. Also in remote areas where communication is not that easy, it is a very powerful tool to keep an eye on our beloved ones. Also its video calling feature is the best in market. The app is very simple to use and very well designed.

Autodesk Pixlr:-

You all take photos on your smartphone. You all post photos on various social media. You all want to look best in your photos. So here is the best app for your photo editing. Use it and post your photos. Get various likes and comments. Enjoy editing from now only. It filters all your photos in a very smooth way.



The default video player on our Android phone comes with many restrictions. It cannot play all the media format. The screen size cannot get according to our liking. There are many apps available for video streaming but the best is VLC. Its quality is far better than many others. It plays all the media formats. It is also very simple to use nad has high capability .


ES File Explorer :-

Many of us find the most difficult thing to organise our things specially documents.ES File Explorer is the best file manager app for Android. All your stuffs are organised in a proper way in different folders. You can easily search for any of your documents , audio files, pictures, videos files, applications etc.


Google Translate :-

Google translate is the best translation app out there. It does everything you could possibly need from a translation app. Suppose you visit a place where the language is different from yours, you are alone and no one is there to help you out. You can then easily depend on Google translate. It supports most of the languages. The type translation and voice translation feature is limited in different numbers.  It also features camera text translation


AccuWeather :-

Weather apps are also in much demand nowadays. One of the best weather apps that you can get is AccuWeather. It comes with lots of customization. You can get worldwide services, a home screen widget and much more. Weather forecasting is very popular nowadays as it affects our plans for visting any place or scheduling our plans accordingly.

Dropbox :-

Dropbox lets you expand your internal storage into a cloud based backup of everything that’s important to you. Music, photos, files and more can be saved, accessed on all your devices and restored if you ever lose your phone.


Different people have different hobbies. If you like travelling and exploring different places , then Airbnb is the app for you. You can avail various facilities from getting map to booking rooms.You don’t need to print out maps. The holiday will surely be hassle free for you if you are using this app.


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