20 proven ways to create outstanding blog.

“I am so fed up, no one views my page.” Is this the same problem you have? If you are wondering, why your blog is not getting traffic regardless...
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I am so fed up, no one views my page.” Is this the same problem you have?

If you are wondering, why your blog is not getting traffic regardless of your good writing?

These are the 27 ways you can stand out.

  1. Development of Headlines.

As per David Oglivy , 5 times as many people on an average read the headline only, then the body copy.

It sounds weird and surprising. But when you have credible sources from the industry claiming it. You ought to believe the statement.

That’s not it, learning how to develop a great headline requires going in depth.

The keywords and the combination of power words can make all the difference for your blog.

So, remember it’s the well-developed headline which can get you an edge in comparison to other.

Everyone go through your headline before viewing your blog. Your headline should jump out of list and draw attention quickly. A good headline always increases your viewer through social networking sites.

To make a good headline using of triger words in your headline is necessary. Some of mostly used power words are Secret , Free , Deadly ,Crazy , Risky, Easy etc. It always will be according to our topic.

Second way you can attract good number of audience can be asking a question . As people nowadays search by asking questions . [ How to earn money through blogging. Which are most visited places in earth . What is financial management.]

Never use complex words in headline. Use of complex word can distract the audience as people always want to learn easily. You should always try to provide easily readable content. So that your audience can understand what you are trying to make them understand.

2.Post with rich content.

Now let’s go to another means of increasing traffic on your blog that is rich content.

Search engine always provide better rank to quality article. For this you should know what you are providing, fulfills the need of reader. Try to put them in one spot so audience can excess it easily.

Providing people what they need in one place make them more engaged to your article.

Compiling the information from another site or sources will not generate traffic .

You should provide solution for the problem which your readers are looking for. You also can offer them the source of information to convince audience with your words.

Having a funny talk in middle can help a lot, as people get bored while reading.

If you like to be a creative blogger never try to copy and paste from another website.

Search engines can easily track down copy past article.

You can get information and write it in your own way.

Audience wants to read what are your viewpoint.

There exist good numbers of informative website. But what makes your blog different is your view point towards what you are writing.

So, never try to force your reader towards your point of view.

3.Address your audience

You are not writing a book or a research paper.

But while writing a blog, you should interact with your audience.

Putting lots of information and having no interaction makes your blog sound boring.

You can interact with audience by asking questions, putting word like “you” and “your” can make your post interactive.

People always prefer a conversational blog. This is because having conversation on any topic is more interesting than reading about it.

So, if you try to talk with your audience while writing a blog will help you to increase traffic. People always want to read if it creates interest in them.

If you can’t write a conversational blog. I have a small solution for that which many bloggers do use. Try to record what you want to say and put it in words after that.

Remember interaction always provides emotional link between you and your audience.

4.Shareable content

What kind of content is shareable? This might be the question running through your mind.

You should try focus on all type of audience while writing or you can write article for specific audience.

To make people share your post. You must provide them logical reasons, for the purpose you have written that post. Providing a logical reason or trustworthy source makes people believe in your blog.

Emotional content, is also an effective factor. People do share the post if it touches their heart.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you have written about “tom and jerry cartoon”. People who love tom and jerry in their childhood would wish to read your post. Your article will provide them an emotional touch to them which push them to share your post.

This is just an example. You can find emotional factor in any topic or you can pick an emotional topic.

Don’t try to make your content complex and unorganized in making it emotional. You should stick to your point.

Keep in mind that your audience are people like you.

So, you should think in the same way as your audience wants think catch this part and you are a popular writer.

5.Vary your article length

You can write both long and comprehensive post as well as short and to the point post.

So, let the content which you post on your blog decide your post length. Don’t spend time making your long article.

BUT being too brief won’t help because it seems as if the article is not complete. Try to provide detail information if your article demands for it.

A research suggested that average length should be around 1600 words but it can vary according to the article and content.

6.Publish your post frequently.

You want to be in the list of good websites then post should be published frequently. Regular post increases the attention of people to your blog. You will also have enough content in short period of time. Aim at least 5 post a week.

People don’t remember everything by reading once. There is lot of chance that a visitor come to your blog next time.

So, if you have something new to offer them they will also engage in it.

Google don’t notice those blogs that is written once and forgotten. They always search for regular blog. Don’t forget to update old post this will keep your website alive.

Don’t get sad if you have written a blog once and it don’t get views.

Because There is lot of other factors to be considered, one of them is frequently publishing a new post.

Try to pick a time for writing and try sticking to it.

7.Tag and descriptions

Tag, description and metadata are those parts of blogging that focus on search.

For creating an active blog, you should know that where your tags are placed in right place and links are not disturbed.

Now, what is description?

Below keyword or heading there will description of your post. lot of people prefer to read description before they jump into your article. Try to pick most attractive part of your post for description.

8.Link to old posts on your own site

If you are continuous writer, you might find a place where you are trying to explain what you have already written in older post. In these conditions try to link those posts to your current post.

This will help reader to find interesting post you already have written and keeps them on your site.

Also, do it other way, if you found any topic relating to old post in current post . Try to link old post to new one.


9.Organize your content into different categories.

It’s an art of blogger to organize site in really good way.

A well-organized site always drives better attention of people. It’s easy for viewer to know what they want in a well-maintained site. This will also help to increase your views in old post as they can



10. Make interaction with readers.

One way of knowing the reader feelings is by their comments.

They write what they feel about what you have written. Good comments encourage you so respond to them.

You can also use comment space to ask questions to readers.

Spending few minutes in responding comments helps to build you relation between you and reader.

This will provide you with lots of new missing objects and motivates you to write more powerful article.

11. Build relation with other sites and blogs.

Creating a good relation with other sites and blogs provides you a lot of support.

If we can build a good community of bloggers this automatically increases the traffic as link increases.

As much as increase in link it increases your viewer. You can find lot of supportive bloggers make good contact with them. Try to get their email data they have collected because sending an email can also attract audience .

12. Start of forum.

What is forum? I also did not know when I started blogging, Forums are place where you discuss about your site. If you have an active forum this will help you to visible in search. People will discuss in your topic if you post it on forum. Which ultimately makes you and your blog famous.

There is another big advantage of forum, that is you can find topic to write on in forum.

You can also predict the thoughts of people through reading conversation on forum.

But don’t stick to one forum there are lots of forum going on online.


13. Promotion of your site.

Building a link and guest posting are not only the way of advertising the blog. You can advertise through google in free or buy paying money. Same on Facebook page.

Most of time blogger spent in promoting their sites.

Usually blogger writes a post and works on its promotion for a week.

For promotion of blog a blogger should know how to a create loyal audience. Loyal audience helps a lot in promoting your blog .

14. Use of social networks and expand your platform

Create a Facebook page.

You can create a Facebook page of your website and link the site to page.

As Facebook is a great platform to show people what you have written. Facebook can bring you huge traffic, it is one largest social networking site.

You can post any article and it will reach up to your Facebook followers.

You can also advertise your site to huge number of people by paying money to facebok.

Post new articles on Twitter.

Twitter is another tunnel for blogger to get traffic water to their post. People read articles on twitter.

If people find your article interesting they will definitional start a conversation on that and traffic rain down in your page.

Set up a Google+ Page

Google+ is effective source of traffic. You can share the post of your site in google+ and the shares will be viewed to your followers in google+.

There are lots of social networking sites other than these . Something you can do to attract audience through these are;

Use Tumblr to gain followers in your blog.

Pin your articles on Pinterest and make it reach to more people.

Take photos and post in Instagram for increasing followers in Instagram

15. Simple

A blogger should keep in mind that blogging is for making people know, what they don’t know.

So, picking complex word in sentence and making it complicated will not help you.

You should always put thing simple and straight.

There are lots of sources, people will shift towards new site if they don’t understand.

As, blogging is also about putting complex factors in simple way in front of audience.

16. Provide photographs

A photograph tells a story.

You should only post the article relative photographs in your blog post. Photograph must be high-quality because looking at small dull photos makes people think this is not good.

In other hand quality photographs attracts attention of people towards the post. As people prefer to learn by watching photos or videos rather than reading.

17.Create your own YouTube channel

You can create your own channel on you tube and upload videos.

You can get traffic by YouTube by sharing what you have written on blog on video format.

Then also ask your YouTube viewers to visit your site and give a link of your site on the description.

This helps writer to clearly define what they have to say in oral and very clear perspective.

This will help you viewer to understand your blog easily.

It will also make you famous as in blogs people don’t matter, who is the writer.

18. Don’t give false information.

Truth is a great weapon for bloggers as truth is what people like to learn from internet.

People now a day believes in blog a lot. If you break his trust you will lose your viewers.

Write what the truth is because learning can change thinking perspective of a person.

19. Write short paragraph.

Big and bulky paragraph is hard to read so try to write short paragraph. A paragraph of up three sentence is preferable.

An idea length of paragraph is 40- 45 words.

If you are writing continuous and long blog, you can provide a space in between lines. This makes your blog more easily readable.

By being emotional don’t include out of topic content in your blog. This will only make your blog long and hard to read.


20) Have a flow in your sentences.

A blogger should not write about one fact in first line and jump directly to different fact in second line.

People won’t read if there is no continuous flow of sense in your sentences.

By flow take your reader to deeper and deeper what you want to provide them. Its more understandable and joyful to read with a flow. Which will ultimately help you to have followers and increase number of shares.



The above twenty factors will help you become a good blogger. But you need to be consistent with your blogging.

Which of above factor you fond most beneficial? Please provide us with your comments and shares.


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