5 Most Searched Topics For New Bloggers

5 MOST Searched Fields on the Internet to Write about For Bloggers.

As a blogger you may write a lot and expect to get a lot of loyal readers, but what if you have been writing on topics no ones interested in. This article presents the audience with 5 most searched Topics on the internet for New Bloggers and for ones who are already into the habit of writing.

I believe that if you write on the topic which people want to read about, you will have eyes to your content.

Below are the 5 MOST Searched Fields on the Internet to Write about for Bloggers.


24% of mobile phone users around the world admit having adult pornographic material on their Handset.

9 out of 10 Internet porn users only access free material, whether it be samples of pay material, illegally copied versions of pay material, or amateur material.

1 in 5 mobile searches are for pornography.

If you are not writing about it, you should start today. This is a $13 billion dollar industry in United States Alone. There are topics on which one can write without being explicit about the taboo associated with it. Topics associated with this are the most searched topics on the internet and can generate a lot of traffic for your blog which in turn would mean a lot of revenue.


About 80% Men and 68% women across the world indulge in Celebrity Gossips. This is the reason why famous magazine pay a lot of money to paparazzi’s to get them hot, happening and controversial images and soups of celebrities.

Writing about such topics can not only generate lot of traffic to your website but can also create a platform for a blogger to get affiliates for his blog.

Celebrity gossips can also create loyal reader base who seldom visit such sites for sheer entertainment and fun. Celebrity gossip comes 2nd on the 5 most searched topics for New Bloggers.


One out of there people using smartphone checks the weather twice everyday. This habit seldom leads the user to search for weather of different cities he has lived in or is going to visit. Weather blogging is usually associated with travel blogging but its not the same.

Weather bloggers often end up giving advice to the tourist about how to live in the condition which they are going to visit apart from giving them the actual data of the weather of that place.

Bloggers around the world also give tips to the readers about which place to avoid and which places to visit in terms of natural calamity and risks associated with it.

Since a lot of people have started traveling very often due to globalization Weather blogging have increased and thus the number of readers who would like to take advantage of it.

Due to this Weather Bloggers Stand 3rd in the 5 Most Searched Topics For New Bloggers


An industry worth $17 Trillion, everyones talking about it. From which phone to buy to which tablet is the cheapest. From which is the best computer to the future of technology to the latest devices being launched, all the information you need about technology and its future, the world is writing about it.

Bloggers around the world are writing day and night about it and making a lot of money out of it.

It is estimated that 50% of people around the world search about the device, read the reviews and buy and thats why Technology stands 4th in 5 Most Searched Topics For New Bloggers.


Future of something is a very enchanting subject. When you know whats going to happen in your future you can do wonders and thats what has driven a lot of astrologers to come on to the web and write about different aspects of horoscope reading and future prediction.

From Chinese Astrology to Indian Vedic Astrology, from Numerology to Chart Analysis the applications and interest are numerous and hence its followers.

This is also associated with a lot of cultural aspects of the country in which the blogger belongs hence the diversity of the audience is very important.

Due to its secretive nature and its psychological implications it stands 5th in the  5 Most Searched Topics For New Bloggers.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please leave any comment about the topics presented and i shall be more than happy to revert back.

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