6 Best Backup Software’s for Windows 10

PCs have become the treasure of our valuable things. We utilize PCs as backup for our important data. But PCs are never 100 per cent secure. Hard drive crash...
Backup Software's for Windows 10

PCs have become the treasure of our valuable things. We utilize PCs as backup for our important data. But PCs are never 100 per cent secure. Hard drive crash is a normal thing. Hence, it is sensible to keep a backup of your software.

There are many types of software available in market that allows you to have a backup of all your important files and folders to either an external hard drive or cloud storage.

  1. Acronis Backup for PC

Acronis Backup is a software backup stuffed with features. Along with backup for PCs, Acronis Backup provides backup for businesses and servers too. It provides a free trial for 100 days after which, you need to pay for extended use.

Acronis takes up a backup of entire system on an external hard drive which can be customized. It allows the flexibility to categorize your data on the same hard drive.

Acronis comes with a splendid feature called True Image. True Images creates an image of your data, OS, and system and application settings, so basically an image of your entire system. You can backup your system with this image on your hard drive easily with few clicks without messing anything up.

Its premium version costs $89/year whereas cloud storage can be bought for $179/1TB.

  1. CrashPlan

CrashPlan provides an all round backup of your PC. It has great features at an affordable price, but also provides a free plan. It will create a backup of your file on an external storage drive, on any other PC on your network and to their online unlimited space storage. It provides maximum security by encrypting all he backed up data.

Its free plan will allow you to back up unlimited files to external drives with security of 128-bit encryption. If you want to gain benefit of some extra features, you will need to go for the paid version which will cost you $55.99/year and will provide your data the security of 448-bit encryption.

  1. O&O AutoBackup 5

If you are looking for software that costs low that the above ones, have a look at O&O AutoBackup. This software doesn’t come with many features and advanced security but can fit in your criteria as it is available at a low cost of just $29.95 with life-time access.

O&O AutoBackup will backup all your data on an external hard drive only as it doesn’t provide an option of cloud storage. So you will have to rely on physical storage devices.

Whenever an external storage is connected to PC, it will sync all the backed up data to ensure that the data stays updated.

  1. Paragon Backup & Recovery 15 Home

This is software that is feature-enriched yet is available at a low price. Even if your system gets corrupted, it will provide complete control over the backed up data and makes the recovery quick.

The data backup process is same as other software which is backing up on external hard drives or on cloud storage along with the feature of making an image of the entire system.

One main feature called Recovery Media Builder 3.0 creates a bootable recovery of your system. You can boot from this recovery system in case your system gets corrupted.

  1. AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper creates a backup of individual files, partitions and disks as and when required and the backup can be restored whenever required. One can also create a backup schedule to ensure that all files are regularly backed up.

Backup can be taken on external storage or NAS (Network Attached Storage).

The free version of this software includes facilitation like all backup and restore options but doesn’t provide access to features like disk space management, system clone, Command Line backup and Backup Image merge.     All these features are included in its premium version of $49 for lifetime for 2 PCs.

  1. Google Drive

One of the best cloud storage facility, Google Drive comes along with your Google account and provides you 15 GB storage where you can backup your all your data.

Once the storage hits saturation, you can buy extra space for $2/month for 100 GB. One can easily gain access to the data through mobile or desktop.


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