6 Easy Proven Writing Secrets for Free

Have you ever tried your hand on writing? If you ever have tried then you must know that it’s not easy to express yourself in words. Not we all...
6 Easy Proven Writing Secrets for Free

Have you ever tried your hand on writing? If you ever have tried then you must know that it’s not easy to express yourself in words.

Not we all can do it, as writing is not an easy task.  First of all it’s actually difficult to figure out what we want to write.

It’s actually a journey from one sentence to the last sentence in between which you express your ideas and thoughts beautifully.

There are writers like Ernest Hemingway who explained the whole story in just one line.

The online industry is in awe of Ernest as his writing is the need of the hour: To be short, simple and expressing it one simple line.

But what if you are told that writing can be learn and it’s not as difficult as you thought. It requires consistency but you can learn it.

There are many secrets I have learned in my journey to become writer. I can’t term myself to be great but can claim myself to be better then yesterday.

So I thought of sharing it with you all, the secrets I have learned, so that you can also learn how to express yourself. Majorly these learning’s are good to become a content writer or a blogger.

Here are the 6 easy, proven writing secrets and trust me it’s absolutely free like wifi in a coffee shop.

  1. Have No Comparison with your Idol

You all have our favorite books and the writers. And majority of us are influenced by its writing.

You majorly try to write in the same style of the writer you idolized.

Its natural, I have also done it. I have copied the writing style of each and every writer which was a best seller.

That is the biggest mistake which all of us have been making. You cannot copy the style of expression in just one day and by copying you are becoming the follower of somebody.

The reader will always see your favorite writer in your writing. It will not help you to earn acclaim as writer.

Like people said it to me that I am copying the style of J.K. Rowling or the Ernest Hemingway in my writing.

You need to develop your own style of writing without keeping in mind the style of any great writer you idolized.

You need to be influenced by the great writer and need to read more.

But be original and not the replica of some great writer.

  1. Practice Makes You Perfect

Writing is also a muscle. And it needs to be worked every day for it to grow.

Make your writing muscle work every day and trust me the more you make it work, the more it will grow.

You can follow the routine which I have been following from very long time.

I every day try to write 750 words and the time I choose is early morning. I do it after meditating for 10 minutes.

I saw a great change in me as a writer in three month, after following this early morning routine.

It’s not been a day I have missed a single morning without writing at least 750 words, including this post, which has been written early morning itself.

I came across this routine in a post which I had read in copy blogger.

On the initial days of this routine you will not be even able to write 300 words.

But persistent effort can help you get rid of that hurdle and you would be able to write more than 750 words on that post.

I started with writing randomly on what I felt. So you can also start writing randomly on anything you feel.

But slowly and steadily you will feel that you are automatically shifting to the ideas and writing about it. It would be more focused till end.

If you want to be a writer then you have to write everyday no matter what happens. It even stands true for the content writer.

  1. Research

Well researched articles can bring more number of traffic and it increases your authenticity and credibility as an online writer.

You should always research the topic before you start writing on it.

Some writers even prepare an outline before they start to write.

That lets you maintain the focus when you write and you do not get distracted from the topic.

Google is the best form of research center online, where you can put the keyword or the question and get the desired articles written on it.

You can go through all best articles on the first page of the Google and after that start writing your article.

Try to read as many articles as you can for research and then when you have enough matter then you should start writing.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to copy. Write it in your own words will help you create a name as a writer.

  1. Keep Your Friend in Mind

If you are just starting up and you do not know for whom to write and who your audience is.

Then let me reveal you a secret which can help you a lot.

That is, keeping your best friend in mind while you write. Think like you are trying to explain him something or having a conversation with him or her.

It has worked for me, where I have explained difficult concepts easily by keeping my friend as my audience.

And soon when you build a name, you will understand that your friends have increased in number.

This strategy will help you keep your writing simple. It would look more of a conversation and you will be able to connect easily.

Well don’t keep a friend in mind while writing who is very hard to be made understood.

You can also maintain that one friend as your target audience for life in case you get lot of return from it.

  1. Short and Simple Sentences.

It’s very easy to say write short sentences and keep it simple.

But I know you have never been able to get it right that how much long a sentence needs to be and how much sentences one paragraph should include.

If you are thinking of writing a blog then your one sentence on an average should not contain more than 25 words. A paragraph should also not be made up of more than three sentences.

Actually, sticking to above strategy, has worked for me as a blogger and a writer. So I thought of sharing it with you.

I know you cannot fix the limit of expression but you can always keep it simple and clear.

The idea of writing in terms of blogging is to create an impact and offer solutions and share experiences.


  1. Be a Good Story Teller

If you want to be a good writer then you need to be a good storyteller.

You need to tell a story every time you try to express yourself.

So you always need to be on a look out of a great story.

They may be always around you. Whether you are sitting in a park or driving a car. You should always be on a look out of a great story.

If you are even able to write your experience in form of story to others and make a story out of a difficult topic then you can make your reader happy.



All the above six secrets which has been revealed covers each and every aspect of writing.

The secrets of writing revealed in this post are more related to writing online content and blogs.

But there is one secret which has not been mentioned is to edit what you have written.

Always try to write for humans and not for recognition optimization of search engine.

At last if you want to be a great writer then you have to read more than you write. I know that it is a boring advice but that has been true since ages and will stay true till ages.

And even writer had to work like an athlete and should not give up the belief in the power of his thoughts.

But you need to share in comments about which of the above secrets have impressed you the most. Please do comment and tell me.

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