7 Online Tools which Can Help You Stay Organized

If you are not successful then out of the lot many reason.   One reason which is restricting you from becoming successful, is that you are not organized  ...

If you are not successful then out of the lot many reason.


One reason which is restricting you from becoming successful, is that you are not organized


The success of a project or a start up requires the entrepreneur to be organized.


The more the work is organized. The greater is the possibility of the project to be successful.


In past, people always carried a small diary with them. But now the time has changed.


You don’t need a small notebook to stay organized. You have the technology and the internet available to help you.


There are lots of online tools available which can help you plan your work and task.


In this post we are going to discuss, the 7 tools available online which can help you stay organized.


  1. Trello

As a content marketer, if you want to get rid themselves of spreadsheets, sticky notes, and long email threads then Trello is of great help to you.

It is visually attractive and it is better to get organized and keep the team organized.


Trello can help you and your team be organized in a visually attractive manner.

  1. Basecamp


Basecamp is very much helpful for outreach project. It helps everyone involved in the project to be on the same page.


It ensures the fact that nobody steps on other person toes.

Basecamp provides you the essential tools required for managing a      project or group successfully.

In late 2015, the newly launched Basecamp 3 complete with all new      interface was also released.

  1. Google Calendar


To be successful at content marketing, you need to stay organized and complete tasks on time.

Google calendar is a free tool which helps you keep track of your   important events and tasks related to your content strategy.

It’s easy to use. You can share it with anybody who needs access, from coworkers and clients.

  1. Mindnode

One, who has ever forgotten a great idea, knows the cost of forgetting it.


But now you don’t need to incur such a cost.


Mindnode app provides a visual representation of your ideas. It allows you to map out your brainstorming process and eventually take action.


Mindnode can help in mind mapping.


And mind mapping can work in two ways. It can lead you to a great idea or it can cause an extreme sense of frustration.

Mindnode can help you ease out that frustration.


  1. Asana

Asana help you keep your projects on track.


It doesn’t matter whether the team size is 10 or 100. The only thing which matters is that the project moves from the pipeline in an efficient manner.


Asana as a tool is trusted by brands like Harvard University, Major league Baseball and Uber.


You can use the tool asana which makes it possible to track the project from beginning to end.


  1. Evernote


Evernote is good for people who are bad with their memories.


It is the most popular tool at present used by the businessman across the globe. They use it to remember everything associated with their business.


You can use Evernote to list blog post ideas.


Evernote helps you brainstorm your next steps, keep an editorial calendar and share your thoughts with others.


Use Evernote as a helping hand to your memory.


  1. Wunderlist


Without planning you can never desire to be a content marketer.


Wunderlist such a platform which helps the content marketer plan, it helps you set reminders to write a blog post and most importantly sharing lists with a business partner.


Wunderlist can help you plan easily and also plan your outreach strategy.




You can use the above tools for the way you like. But these tools are mostly used by the content marketers.


Even the students with an idea and also the start-up can use these tools to keep the track of the activities.


Mostly the above 7 tools have the feature of outreach and sharing.


Lot many start up and blogger can use tools for keeping a track of the work.


But most importantly which tool would you like to you use to keep the track of the activities and work more organized.


Do not forget to share answers through your valuable comments with us.

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