7 Proven Tools to Create Headlines For Free

Have you ever noticed that it’s the newspaper headline which catches your attention first? It’s after the powerful headline you go on to read what’s written under that headline....
7 Proven Tools to Create Headlines For Free

Have you ever noticed that it’s the newspaper headline which catches your attention first? It’s after the powerful headline you go on to read what’s written under that headline.

These powerful headlines not only have an influence on you as a reader. But such great headlines can play a vital role in bringing good traffic on your blog or site.

And writing these headlines is not an easy task for anybody. It involves lot of brainstorming.

Writing great headlines is the single skill that separates okay writers from great writers. The above words are applicable for content marketing also.

You may not know that on an average eight out of 10 people will read your headline. But only 2 out of 10 will go on to read the article.

Hold on, if that is not enough to make you think about the exceptional power of headline. Then tests done at Upworthy found that traffic varies by up to 500% based on the headline.

Now you might be thinking of giving a deep thought about the headline which you wrote on your each blog.

Well you can again hold on for few minutes before you start going through your blogs.

Because here are the 6 proven tools which can help you create the powerful headlines for your blog for free.

  1. ContentIdeator Headline

content idea

There are few tools which can give you headlines which are SEO related. And ContentIdeator Headline is a platform which can give you such SEO related headline ideas.

It not only gives you the headlines but also the content ideas which you can use to create good quality content.

It’s simple to use. Enter a keyword into the search bar, press submit. Give it a second to retrieve results, and scroll down to see a ton of headline ideas.

This tool may tempt you to copy the exact headlines but do not do that because lot many people will be doing the same.

Use these headlines for inspiration or the starting point to create the better headlines. Use it but be original and create better than the inspiration

  1. Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer

If you have ever created a headline then you must know that it should create an emotional response.

You can find out that whether your headline has that emotional words or the pull to get that response.

The answer is simple there is a tool for that, which can measure the emotional marketing value of a headline.

Yet, the website is simple and has no colorful or fancy attraction to it. It serves the most essential purpose which every content maker is in need of.

It’s simple to use. As you just have to submit your headline, a new page will load with EMV (Emotional Marketing Value Score)

Your EMV score will be expressed as a percentage. The greatest possible percentage is 100.

If you will try the headline of this post like I did, the score will come on to 62.5% on the scale. At first, this might seem bad, but when you learn about how this calculator works, it’s not bad.

Many authors believe that only top headlines score greater than 50%.

This tool works by analyzing your headline for the number of “EMV words” that it contains. That’s the only reason which makes it hard to score high.

Emotional headlines are most important for landing pages, sales pages, case studies, and reviews. It’s good for any type of content that would lead to transaction.

  1. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

This tool is good for writing headlines for the blog post. It can give you the variety of different opinions on how your headline has fared.

The best thing about this tool is that it can give you an in-depth analysis it can give you about your headline.

You have to put your headline into the text box, and click “analyze now”.

Your result will appear on the same page just below your entry. It will start with a score.

If for an example you will put the headline of this post in the text box, the score would be 69.

Again, the greatest score is 100, but it’s also difficult to get it.

You don’t have to aim for 90 or 100, even if your score is close to 50 or 60 it would be good on initial basis.

And as you will become good with creating headlines your score would start creeping up.

As you will go deep, you will see breakdown of words within your headlines into main categories.

The first in the category is the common words which are self explanatory. They include words such as “that”, “a”, “me”, etc.

It’s good to have some common words in your headline. They’re words that everyone understands. That came to be 26% for the headline of this post.

The score of uncommon words was 0.They are the opposite: they aren’t often used in everyday writing. It’s okay to have some common words for attraction but you should over use them as they can make your headline confusing.

The second last category is the power words which can cause action among your readers. Headline needs to have one of the powerful words in its headline.

Emotional word is the last category which creates emotional responses from the customers.

There can be an overlap between the power and the emotional words but if you can have few of each you can create a great headline.


  1. Blog Topic Generator By Hubspot


If you are always on a search to create new content or ideas, than this tool can help you find those ideas.

You just need to type in few words related to your content topic. And it will come up with engaging, SEO-friendly headlines.

5. Title Generator By Tweek Your Biz

title generator

The best thing about this tool is that it generates lots of ideas in one short. You may get the number of ideas for creating blog content.

This generator helps generates titles based on different categories.

It’s the best thing about this tool.

It makes it easier for you to choose the right title for your blog post.


6. Portent Idea Generator

Portend Idea Generator

This tool does give some great headlines and as a writer writing block it’s helpful.

You just have to enter the topic you want to write about and you get an instant headline idea to build an article.

If the result does not match your expectation, then you can hit the reset circular arrow and another idea will be generated.

Some results and suggestions are quite comical. Some will make you go “hmmm”. But all the results can attract and keep more visitors.


  1. Hemingway Sharethrough

Hemingway has also launched its own headline analyzer tool. It’s easy to use and you will get suggestions to further improve your headlines.

On using the headline of this post the score came on to 65 which they have mentioned is average and not bad.

The tool also gives you the complete description for your result and the suggestions to improve it.

So you can use it and use suggestions to improve it.


The above tools are enough for you to know the power of your headline. The best and the most important thing is that they all are free to use.

There are also other tools available for creating headlines but they have a cost attached to it.

And if you are beginning your career in content creation then you may not have money to spend on just headline analysis.

So use these headlines for analyzing your headline to create more impact and pull more traffic.

But do tell us if you know any other free tools for analyzing the impact of your headline. We might cover that tool in any other piece on headline. Do write comment and tell us.

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