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Nothing is certain in this ever-changing world is a well-known fact & though we have accepted this, we do encounter sudden shocks. In 22th July, 2016 KickAss Torrents was taken down...

Nothing is certain in this ever-changing world is a well-known fact & though we have accepted this, we do encounter sudden shocks.
In 22th July, 2016 KickAss Torrents was taken down by the Police. The owner of the popular site was arrested in Poland by the US Department of Justice. The official domains like,,,, kastatic, etc. all are seized and taken down.
KickAss Torrents was one of the most visited torrent tracker websites and its sudden shutdown shocked the internet users from around the world.
But as life is never meant to stop or even slow its pace we have come up with alternative for kickass website with their rating.
Pirate bay
The Pirate Bay is an online index of digital content of mostly entertainment media, founded in 2003, where visitors can search, download and contribute magnet links and torrent files, which facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing among users of the Bit Torrent protocol.
The Pirate Bay allows users to search for Magnet links.
The Pirate Bay’s four Linux servers ran a custom web server called Hypercube. An old version is open source. On 1 June 2005, The Pirate Bay updated its website in an effort to reduce bandwidth usage, which was reported to be at 2 HTTP requests per millisecond on each of the four web servers  as well as to create a more user friendly interface for the front-end of the website
The torrents are organized into categories: “Audio”, “Video”, “Applications”, “Games”, “Porn” and “Other”.
Registration requires an email address and is free; registered users may upload their own torrents and comment on torrents.
Extra torrent
The application allows you to download multiple files at the same time, and the software is very efficient at downloading large amounts of data in a short amount of time.
Extra Torrent uses technology that combines the power, bandwidth and internet connections from “peers” or other people downloading the same file.
Extra Torrent incorporates a very simple and smooth design into their website.
The best thing about the site is when you will reach it you will notice no advertisements and no annoying popups to deal with.
Simply type your search terms into the search field and watch as the search engine does all of the work for you in regards to finding the best files that match the keywords you inputted.
Extra Torrent is well-known torrent website with its website design and interface making it easier to search for the content with proper category wise listing. Extra Torrent has maintained its 3rd position in the list of top most popular torrent websites, starting from 2015.
This site is a very much similar to that of the original KickAssTorrents site. It looks like the world’s most popular torrent website KickAssTorrents is back with a new domain
With the site design and functionality the same as the official KickAss Torrents site
So if you are facing problem as the official KickAss Torrents site is down you can use this site for now.
When we search for the authentication for this site and found that the site resembles the original site and its torrent files are also working.
The search functionality is also working now. is the best KickAss Torrents alternative site. This Kick Ass torrents alternative / mirror site is created by an entity which is running the mirror site for a long time.
One of the most comprehensive torrent sites is RARBG, which also has one of the best-looking user interfaces of the bunch.
This was founded in 2008 and provides users with torrent files and magnet links using the Bit Torrent protocol, it provides torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer to peer file sharing.
It is possible to update information on RARBG and there is always a history of activities on RARBG.
For pop culture junkies, the site’s front page features a list of curated news stories and daily articles from Screen rant. If there are a few rainy days on tap and you don’t know what to download, RARBG’s “Top 10” tab shows the ten most popular TV, movie, or music torrents currently downloading.


This one isn’t necessarily a torrent site in the traditional sense, but rather a powerful torrent search engine that links back to dozens of other torrent sites when it finds results for torrents.
Torrentz has been the top Bit Torrent meta-search engine for many years, unlike other torrent websites it does not have any torrent or magnet links hosted on it instead it directs users to proper search results from other torrent websites.
While Torrentz started this year with ranking at 3rd in the list of most popular torrent websites it took over the rankings to beat The Pirate Bay and now has topped the chart after the demise of KickAssTorrents
When you search for a torrent on Torrentz, it’ll provide you a list of torrents just like on any other torrent site, but clicking on a result will give you a list of torrent sites that host that torrent file, providing you information on which of those torrent sites has the most seeds on that specific torrent file, allowing you to download the best one from the list.
The great thing about Torrentz is that it doesn’t actually host torrent files at all, so there’s no worry about it being shut down anytime soon.


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    You can still reach out to Kickass via “”. They have still Kickass running via a different domain buddy.

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