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    Google AMP- All there is to know!

    Before we dive deep into the world of Google we need to know what we are actually dealing over here. With the advent of internet we don’t find a single being unknown to the term GOOGLE. Though Google has made its presence since a long time now, but there...
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    We don’t think it will be an exaggerated statement that Internet has revolutionized our world for good. Every aspect of our lives has been influenced by internet, be it academics or sports or medicines so why MARKETING could possibly lacking behind. Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and...
  • Common Xampp Errors

    Common Xampp Errors {resolved}

    While testing with Xampp we know most of you have come across these errors which make it a bit tough for you to create a local web server for testing and deployment purposes. Xampp is nothing but an open free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package developed by Apache Friends....
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    Alternative Kickass Websites

    Nothing is certain in this ever-changing world is a well-known fact & though we have accepted this, we do encounter sudden shocks. In 22th July, 2016 KickAss Torrents was taken down by the Police. The owner of the popular site was arrested in Poland by the US Department of Justice. The...
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    Some useful Accounting Softwares for Small Business

    Accounting has always been associated with large calculations & lengthy pen and paper algorithms. But did you really think that the uprising technologies will remain aloof of this part of jobs and business world. Well!  We don’t think ….absolutely no way. So here is what we have brought in...
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    How to Check Domain Name History

    Once you decide what your domain name is supposed to be all you need to do is get it. But, before getting a domain name you need to find out the past of that particular domain name so that you won’t be surprised when unusual information is found out...
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      We don’t think anyone in today’s world can be anonymous to the term QUIZ. Be it a personal column in cosmopolitan or any online practise paper quiz is something you will always come across. So today we will be presenting you with top 5 wordpress quiz plugins that...
  • How-to-Choose-a-WordPress-Theme


      Hello again! So here we are with another update just to help you further for creating your blog. When creating your blog what is the first thing that comes to one’s mind? With an obvious nod we will say its robust features and ease to use profile. Choosing...
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    Top 5 cloud hosting services for e-Commerce

    Are you really bored of sitting behind counters and doing nothing at all? Do you really want to start your own business at lowest possible investment or Are you amongst those who do have ideas but no capital? So for all your problems we have come up with the...