Jeegar Desai

A proud Father of two beautiful Daughters, namely Kamakshi and Keyaa ,I "Jeegar Anant Desai" is the Founder, CEO of Anant Soft Computing and Aaditya Academy. A Computer Scientist, an Entrepreneur and a Professor, I have worked most of my life in the field of Computer science and dedicated self in developing the field of Artificial Intelligence and research eco-system in India. Being the eldest son of Shri Sureshwar Desai Family of Vadodara, I too have been working for the betterment of the city and its citizens, just like my Ancestors.
  • Behavioural Email marketing

    Digital Marketing with Behavioural Email Marketing

    Behavioural Email Marketing is a new age concept. Let see what it really does. As a customer whenever i am responded to my queries promptly, my trust of that brand increases. There is something good about answering a question immediately. There are a lot of ways in which interact...
  • 012-macos-sierra-970-80


    Now we would like to guess the term “MAC OS SIERRA” isn’t a new term for you. How could it possibly be with its features and advantages it is bound to bring attention to your eye? Though you can easily be introduced to MAC through any known person but...
  • searchPic

    5 Most Searched Topics For New Bloggers

    As a blogger you may write a lot and expect to get a lot of loyal readers, but what if you have been writing on topics no ones interested in. This article presents the audience with 5 most searched Topics on the internet for New Bloggers and for ones...
  • career_large

    TOP 5 High Paying Non-Technical Jobs for Computer and IT Engineers and NON-ENGINEERS.

    Tech Industry is the most happening Industry right now, but doesn’t mean that if you belong to a different field you cant also enjoy the piece of this Cake. You might not have heard of these positions or Fields yet, but i assure you that they are the most...
  • machine_learning-1024x724

    Top resources to learn Machine Languages

    Machine language!   We know this term must have created the vision of difficult terms along with long sequence of codes following and what not. Also we know for most of us given a choice, no one would really like to go for machine languages. To make it profound...
  • data-scientist-skills-1-638

    Must have skills to become a DATA SCIENTIST

    Must have skills to become a DATA SCIENTIST Data scientist! Doesn’t it sound too boring for ears itself? What in the world is a data scientist & why would anyone be interested in becoming one? Yes! This is the most common expression I have come across whenever we talk...
  • the-internet-of-things


    Talking of today, the most buzz we are repeatedly coming across in technical market is about “IoT i.e. Internet of things”. So we were in a way bound to find what this buzz is all about and what is this IoT, but most importantly is there any scope for...
  • Best Apps to listen music offline

    Best Apps to listen music offline

    Music brings fun and one can easily make up the mood by easily plugging in the earphones. It’s not a matter of concern unless we are in a ‘no-internet’ area. It can be a nightmare if you don’t have apps in your phone that allows you access to offline...
  • Top 10 Sites for iOS Developing

    Top 10 Sites for iOS Development

    Talking about developing, a programmer is hungry for new options to get better support in programming means. Either android or iOS, it’s a person thought or view which helps in the better development of the program. So today our main focus will be on the iOS developing so we...