Digital Marketing with Behavioural Email Marketing

Behavioural Email Marketing is a new age concept. Let see what it really does. As a customer whenever i am responded to my queries promptly, my trust of that...
Behavioural Email marketing
Behavioural Email marketing

Behavioural Email Marketing is a new age concept. Let see what it really does.

As a customer whenever i am responded to my queries promptly, my trust of that brand increases. There is something good about answering a question immediately.
There are a lot of ways in which interact with the online world. Some do it through Phones and some through computers.
Each interaction which we do can be Monitored, stored and used for selecting target customers which the company is looking for.

The digital marketers of this age, use Behavioural E-mail Marketing techniques to automate E-mail Responses using the predictive analytics based on their stored data about their Behaviour.

That said, sending targeted E-Mails to the Subscribers or ones contacts based on their Behaviour is currently the most used and popular email strategies. But then why aren’t more businesses using such techniques.

Lack of Technical Knowledge

Due to the lack of technical knowledge and strategic vision it becomes difficult for marketers to design and execute Behavioural email Marketing.

Anyone who locks their door with a key and then checks it to see if it was locked properly, would know what i am talking about. It just feels Right.

This is what the behavioural email marketing technique is all about. Every Interaction which the user has with our system, brand or Company would surely expect an appropriate reaction.

Let us go through an example.

In the traditional email marketing campaigns, the marketing team develops an offer similar to an ebook, infographic or white paper. What follows is a creating of a list of people that might find this offers valuable. Finally the email is sent out to these people out of the blue.

In Behavioural email the marketer uses a user-focused approach for sending emails. In other words, the visitor of the site is responsible for receiving the type of email she receives. This is done based on her interaction with the site and is not decided by the Marketing team.

In a nut shell this is like the holy grail for Email marketers.

Now that we know what is Behavioural email Marketing, let see how we can implement it in a Three step process.

BEM Summary

BEM Summary

1. Track User Interaction with your Site Online.

The first step is to listen and understand. One has to study the behaviour of the user and only then can they act upon it. You cant send good quality Behavioural emails if you don’t know the different behaviours available to be used as triggers.

In a modern approach the marketer can utilise a lot of different methods to attract, engage and convert users into Customer: social media, website, webinars, surveys and emails can be included in those methods.

Each medium is an opportunity to learn more about the users and start an interaction based on the data which we have collected. This would mean that you shall need a system which would track, store and fire information about your users.

2.Create your Company’s Contact Database.

Your Company’s database is the brain of the system. Your database is the place where all listening to the Inputs happen. Here the Inputs are further interpreted and the right mode of reaction is decided.
The user properties are stored in the database with attributes like:
Website Activity,
Email engagement,
social media activity,
submission of forms
Collection of data from integrated softwares

Company uses this information to send emails to users based on their interaction.

3. Determine the important actions a user might take

Behavioural emails are effective because they are never a surprise to the user. This emails are triggered based on the users behaviour. This emails are an expected reaction to an action which the user takes.
This is the true nature of the Behavioural emails- They are activated by the user, not the marketing team.

The only decision which the marketer should take is which user actions one should react to.

When one setups a behavioural email, the company is designing a highly personal experience for the user.

This concept is the holy grail of the Online Marketing if only one knows how to use it effectively. To learn more about Digital Marketing and Online behavioural email marketing visit

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