Best Apps to listen music offline

Music brings fun and one can easily make up the mood by easily plugging in the earphones. It’s not a matter of concern unless we are in a ‘no-internet’...
Best Apps to listen music offline

Music brings fun and one can easily make up the mood by easily plugging in the earphones. It’s not a matter of concern unless we are in a ‘no-internet’ area. It can be a nightmare if you don’t have apps in your phone that allows you access to offline music. One need to keep at least one app through which he can listen to music offline.

Below listed are some of the best apps you must have to listen to offline music, saving the data on your internet pack:

  1. FM

Bloom.FM is an iPhone app that allows you to stream full tracks and playlists, save tracks in your phone and also gives you to facilitation to access radio. Bloom.FM allows the users to download the songs and the users can listen to them offline as much as they will. Once the saturation comes, they can go for different songs.

Bloom.FM comes with paid versions, the lowest of which costs $1.49 per month. It is an app which satisfies everyone- from rarely listener to music lover.

  1. Groove

Groove is rising up in the chart list of music apps and trending among people, especially after the time when its downloads hit 25k in just 24 hours and ranked first in Canadian App Store. Groove allows iPhone users to create smart playlists and instant mixes. Apart from this, what’s more interesting is it’s 100 per cent offline which means you can entertain yourself in long flights where there’s no internet access.

  1. Spotify

It is very obvious to mention the name of Spotify when we talk about music streaming platforms. Spotify lets the users sync songs, albums and playlists for offline access, all at an expense of $9.99 per month. This feature is proved worthy for those who like to discover new music and stream it to listen later on the go. When you are connected to internet, you can discover new songs and playlists or listen to radio but when you are at a place where there’s no internet access, all you need to do is just sync your playlists and enjoy.

  1. fm

Many music apps now sync with the service through “Spotify Apps” and “Libspotify” APIs and is one of them. Users can create a playlist of their “recently played” songs or songs of similar genre within no time. However, brings disappointment to Apple users as it is not available for iOS. will compel you to use your laptop as you need to create playlists in your premium account on Spotify desktop and then you need to sync them to your mobile.

  1. Tunigo

In, you need to grab your laptop to sync your playlists to your mobile. Tunigo is an app which terminates this tedious job. Just like the other music apps, you undoubtedly need access to internet to discover new songs, subscribe and download the playlists but once done, you can enjoy your offline music.

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