Different Ways to Use Whatsapp On PC

Whatsapp for personal computers Are you looking for diversified use of Whatsapp? Are you getting bored of using it only in mobile devices? Time to reckon your limits. Whatsapp...
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Whatsapp for personal computers

Are you looking for diversified use of Whatsapp?

Are you getting bored of using it only in mobile devices?

Time to reckon your limits.

Whatsapp has indeed played an important role in changing the way people interact with each other.

With easy to use and reliant features it isgetting more and more attention.

Whatsapp is using a nice way of switching from SMS to a fast real-time messaging app where you can send and receive unlimited text,audios, pictures,video clips and many other things.

Whatsapp is popular in cell phones but Whatsapp for PC?


Won’t it be much easier if instead of phones keyboard we get a full keyboard for typing and viewing messages on a full-size computer screen would be better. Don’t you agree?


Its features are so formulated to get uninterrupted communication with your beloved even when you miss push notification or turn off your phone, Whatsapp app will save your messages to get them on your next use of this awesome app.

In addition to get rid of logging in / out, you also needn’t to add your friend for chatting as the Whatsapp messenger get connected with your contact list automatically to display Whatsapp users.

Another benefit is that you will always want to save your precious time which is otherwise getting wasted in checking your phone again and again to check and reply conversations, while working on their computer.

Steps to Install Whatsapp in PC (Windows XP/7/8) using BlueStacks

  1. For installing Whatsapp in your PC first thing you need todo is downloading BlueStacks app player in your PC.
  2. Now open BlueStacks and search for Whatsapp.
  3. Find the app download and click to install it.
  4. Once installation is complete Whatsapp will ask for your mobile number and location. Whatsapp will send a pin to that mobile number to activate your new account. Once your account is activatedthen you are free to start using Whatsapp in your PC


Access your Whatsapp account via “Whatsapp Web”


Whatsapp Web” is an extension of your Whatsapp account that is on your smartphone.

“Whatsapp Web” is currently only available for Android, Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, NokiaS60, Nokia S40 Single SIM EVO, BlackBerry and BB10 smartphones.


Steps to use Whatsapp web for you Whatsapp account:
• This facility is extended only for those who already possess Whatsapp account on their smart phones (only one of the smartphones named above).
• Internet connection is a must on both your computer and your smartphone.
• Google Chrome is the only browser that facilitates this service. If you do not already have Google Chrome you can download it.

Note: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/- you can download your browser at here.

After browser is selected you need to perform following steps:

  • First go tohttps://web.whatsapp.com/ using Google Chrome as your web browser.
  • Next open the Whatsapp application in your smartphone and then go to the
  • Once in the Menu click on Whatsapp Web.
  • Now use your smartphone to scan the bar code that appears on your computer on the web.whatsapp.com web page.
  • Once you scan the barcode with your smartphone you will then be logged into your Whatsapp account on your PC.


Now it is not necessary to use BlueStacks to install Whatsapp for your PC so here we are providing an alternative for that.

So your one step solution is- YouWave

Steps to install Whatsapp using YouWave

  • Firstthing that we will needis the official installer file of the software.
  • Once you have the installer file then you need to double click on that to start its installation process. Downloading process can take longer time because it is complete offline installer.
  • Once installed, start it and choose Free Trial option (you can buy it later once you’re aware of how and what it is exactly).
  • It will start then and you need to start the Browser application then. Open home page of Google play store then.
  • Once website is open then use the search tool to find out Whatsapp application. Click on search results you found.
  • For the final step click on install option ahead of the application listing there and then you’ll be asked to login with a Google account. This is always required whenever you try to access Google’s ecosystem through Android platform.

Next we will be going through various platforms we can have for our purposeful explorations. Agreed?

Let’s start. Shall we?

  1. The first thing we need to is Download BlueStacks either onlineor by using offline installer.
  2. After download BlueStacks, now install it.
  3. Follow instruction as showing on your screen and finish it.
  4. Now open BlueStacks and search “Whatsapp” in search bar.
  5. Now Click onWhatsapp Messenger icon.
  6. Now click on Download and wait untilWhatsapp installed.
  7. Now go toyour app locator and find Whatsapp and open it.

Steps to install Whatsapp for LINUX

Whatsapp on Linux operating System is possible only due toPidgin and especially to Whatsapp-purple to a protocol that goes with IMPLEMENTED libpurple inside the famous open source messaging client.

The first thing to do is install Pidgin, to install Ubuntu Linux derivative or just type in a terminal: sudo apt-gel install pidgin

Once installed we will install Pidgin Whatsapp-purple to do this just download the package 32bit or 64bit once downloaded just double click on the package and confer the

For 32 bit:


Cd/ usr/ lib/ pidgin

Sudo wget http://davidgf.net/nightly/whatsapp-purple/386/last-whatsapp.so

my last-whatsapp.so whatsapp.so


For 64 bit:

Cd/ usr/ lib/ pidgin

Sudo wget http://davidgf.net/nightly/whatsapp-purple/X64/last-whatsapp.so

my last-whatsapp.so whatsapp.so


Hope this article was of use to use .

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