List of 20 websites to download free breathtaking Images.

Pictures speak thousand words and can help you in getting traffic on your blog which sometimes a blog without images fail to do so. No doubt the quality of...
20 websites to download free breathtaking Images

Pictures speak thousand words and can help you in getting traffic on your blog which sometimes a blog without images fail to do so. No doubt the quality of content is as important but adding images to the words can bring more life and traffic.


I know you would have started a comparison in your mind between the blog without images and the blog which includes images.


The stats on an average shows that article which includes images get 94% more total views than articles that doesn’t.


It’s not limited to this one stats which gives blog with images an edge in comparison. Even the posts on facebook which contains images get 53% more likes than posts without an image.


But the most important question is that where to get those images regularly and consistently from. As most of the sites you know have the images which are paid. And the price is an extra barrier in our purpose to bring more traffic.


It’s a  cause of worry as you are losing a lot of traffic to your competitors who are keeping good images in their blog and post. The competitors will not reveal their source of free images as they fear competition.


But the best form of competition exists when we are equal and i believe in sharing the knowledge so that everyone learns.


For making the competition  healthy and equal i would share the 20 free image providing sites in this post for you from where you can download images for free.


Here are the 10 free image providing sites under the creative commons public domain license which can help you increase your traffic.




Unsplash is one of the most popular source of high resolution free pictures. This platform is a delight for  the user as it matches the quality picture  purpose of blog.


The Unique element of is that it releases 10 new photos everyday  and they are released under the creative common public domain license.


  1. Stock Snap.Io

The most important feature of this website is that it provides the search bar where you can search your desired images. It also keep a site track views and the downloads so that you can find the most popular photos are available.

Unlike unsplash it adds hundred of images every week and it also falls under the creative commons public domain license making it free to use.


  1. Grastisography


Grastisography offers free-high resolution pictures which can be useful for both commercial and personal use. Good quality of pictures are added every week  and all the pictures are captured by Ryan Mcguire of Bells Design.


And most importantly it’s free and without any copyright restriction. So you can get good quality pictures without paying any cost.


  1. Negative Space


The name of the site suggests that it offers some negative substance or banned content but actually it offers some amazing images which are absolutely free.

The feature of negative space is that it provides a searchable bar and can be sorted by category, copy space and color.


Negative space provides 20 new photos every week under Creative Commons CCO.


  1. SplitShire

Splitshire is one another such platform where images can be used for personal and commercial use.It also has a different section of Tags and  the most downloaded.


Splitshire has an awesome collection of stock free photos by web designer Daniel Nanescu.


6.Little Visuals

It is a sad news but need to share  it that the owner of little visuals have passed away. Nic the owner of site is no more there with us. Its written on the site also.


There are no new images being added to to this site after Nic’s departure. All the photos that have been posted were released under the creative commons license public domain dedication.


However, it means it’s free for you but Nic’s contribution is appreciated and god may rest his creative soul in heaven.


7.Life of Pix

The name sounds similar to the oscar winning movie Life of PI. But it has an impressive images which can put life into your personal and commercial use.


The resource of life of Pix is created by the LEEROY creative agency offering high resolution photos with no copyright restrictions. They add new pictures every week and it’s absolutely free.


  1. Death to Stock Photos

Death to stock photos uses their own license which you can read on their page. The aim of death to stock photo is to give you a variety of options which you can use for your mockups, blogs and social media.


Every month a photo pack of 10 photos within a certain category will be delivered to your inbox.


9.Superfamous Studios

Superfamous studios requires you to mention its credit before you share any image from there site.Superfamous is actually the Los Angeles -based studio of Dutch interaction designer Folkert Gorter.


Folkert provides various features of collections including aerial, biological,geological and more. It is free but it requests you to mention its name for its creative appreciation.



Picjumbo has a collection of photos which are absolutely free. It also has a wide variety of categories. The categories include abstract, fashion, nature, technology and much more.


Picjumbo site also provides you with the option of search bar.New photos are added daily to the wide variety of category which can be used for personal and commercial use.


  1. IM Free

The name of the site IM Free itself invites you to use some of the breathtaking free images.It has the search bar where you can search the image you desire to have for your template, blog or social media.


It has a well arranged categories from you can see and select your images according to your need. IM Free is more suited for commercial use and may require attribution in some sites.


  1. New old Stock

If you’re having trouble finding vintage or the so called black and white photos then you can visit this site. These photos are from the public old archives without any copyright restrictions..All the photos are absolutely free and good to use.


  1. Getrefe

Getrefe can provide you the free mobile photos. It can be useful for both personal and commercial use.It provides some great real life images.

This site has the real life images and also the search bar which can help you to search the images you want to.


  1. is another amazing site which provides a wide variety of photos. These photos are released under Creative Commons CCO.


The site has the categories, tags and also the search bar which helps you to find the picture which you are looking for.


  1. Snapwire Snaps


Snapwire Snaps has incredible quality of pictures which are free for use. Photos are for public domain and free from copyright restrictions.


You can get 7 photos every 7 days absolutely free of cost.


  1. Jay Mantri

Jay Mantri posts some really nice photos with a variety of different themes. It is different but its free under the creative commons. At footnote it has a mention  that it’s inspired by the unsplash.


7 new photos are released every thursday and it’s absolutely free for use.


17.TookaPic Stock

Took a pic is also another great source for high quality premium and both free stock photos. You can filter and press the button for loading more photos for use.


The Images on this sites are absolutely free as they are not under any Creative Commons COO.


  1. Pixabay

Pixabay offers you a high quality of images which are absolutely free. They also have a search bar where you can search for over 580000 free photos, vectors and illustrations.


The images available on the pixabay are free of copyrights under Creative Commons CCO. You are allowed to use it for commercial and personal use which is absolutely free.


  1. Photopin

Photopin claims to provide free high quality images which can be used for bloggers and the creatives. It also has a search bar where you can search for the photos .


It has the photos which are sponsored and also the option to sort where you can find photos relating to recent, relevance and interestingness.


  1. Morgue File

Morgue File is another site which claims it to be a free photo archive. You can find the free images which are of incredibly high quality. It also has the search bar and the categories to make your search good and delightful.


Last Thought


The above 20 sites can provide you the free images which you can use for your blog, commercial, personal and social media.You can use them the way you like as its for free but before using keep this quote by Sebastyne Young in your mind-


A picture can tell a thousand words but a few words can change it’s story.


The above quote sums it all and be watchful before you use these images. The words with images can make a good impact on your audience.


Which of the above site you liked and for what purpose you will use it? You can thank us by your valuable comments.


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