Is Microsoft Certification Worth it ?

Benefits of Microsoft Certification
Benefits of Microsoft Certification

Confused about Microsoft certification?

If you have tried every nook and crannies searching for what exactly is the benefits of acquiring a MICROSOFT Certification, asked every friend and tried every sites?

Then you are at luck today because here we are listing everything you need to know about these certifications including their benefits & courses offering Microsoft certification.

Well the first question that pops up in every mind after reading Microsoft certification is

‘Who is Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)?

WELL here is the answer!

‘A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is an individual who completes a professional certification program by Microsoft as Microsoft certifications trains individual on the basic as well as advanced ways of implementing Microsoft products into practical business environments thus not only expanding the business but creating new horizons for meeting for competitive demands on today’s tech freak world’. Microsoft Certification is an industry standard that is recognised worldwide. After you earn your Microsoft Certification, you have access to a number of benefits, which can be found on your benefits and exams dashboard.


The benefits and exams dashboard will be available to you immediately passing a Microsoft qualified exam. It provides customised resources specific to your achievements and certifications.

Now let’s say you passed the exam with flying colours so what now?

Here is what will follow after you pass your first Microsoft Certification exam.

You will receive a welcome email message outlining the steps needed to gain access to the benefits and exams dashboard.

Here we are enlisting the instructions you will receive in the email message.

  • First of all you need to create a Microsoft account if you don’t already possess one.
  • When you are visiting for the first time click on the link provided in the email and uses your Microsoft account to log in to the benefits and exams dashboard.In some cases, you may be required to enter your Microsoft Certification ID (MC ID) and temporary access code, which will be supplied in the email message.On future visits, log in to the benefits and exams dashboard using the same Microsoft account.

For any further query you can always click on the ASSISSTANCE option that will be present in your mail account.

As the actual discussion revolves round benefits of Microsoft certification lets come to the point!

  • Jobs are the most important criteria when these Certifications are kept in view as they tend to bring with them industry recognition, improved job opportunities, and improved pay.
  • You don’t have to go to anywhere, no universities or coaching classes are required to get trained. You can always get trained yourself and these Training that leads to IT certification is cheaper and of a shorter duration than comparable degree programs.
  • As already stressed on the point these certifications allow an individual to focus on a topic of interest without HAVING to take non-essential courses.Individual instructors are not folks who made a living dealing with the abstract. They are people who have done the job out in the field, and want to share with others how to do the same job.
  • The most important thing you will recognise as soon as you join any industry is your skill so these certification processes is job- and skills-oriented. You learn things like how to do a task, how to troubleshoot a problem, and how to reason through a design.
  • The most timid yet prominent benefit of this certification industry is that, it isopen to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Benefits in terms of jobs:

NOTE: This data is collected through information collected by various magazines and news articles.

  • Five timesas many high-growth/high-salary positions require experience with Office than all non-Microsoft software skills combined.
  • Twenty-nine per centof tomorrow’s high-growth/high-wage positions required.
  • Eighty-six percentof hiring managers indicate that IT certifications are a high or medium priority during the candidate evaluation process.
  • Sixty-four percentof IT hiring managers rate certifications as having extremely high or high value in validating the skills and expertise of job candidates.
  • Certification, training, and experienceare three of the top four most important characteristics when selecting a candidate for a cloud-related


When you pass a Microsoft Certification exam, you become a member of the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) community, with access to all of the benefits provided through the Microsoft Certification Program.In addition to this you can use your Microsoft account to access your benefits and exams dashboard and to find lots of ways to keep your skills relevant, applicable, and competitive.

Certifications Is a Competitive Advantage

It statement could be made crystal clear if given two similar candidates who have studied same university and have same percentage obtained the only difference will be  one without a certification and another with a Microsoft certification, then whom will a recruiter will favour ?


The value of your certification, if your employer insists that you have one, is no more than the cost of a crash course and the exam fee. There’s little or no skill requirements, so effectively anyone who can spell SharePoint will be able to take that course and pass the exam.

 Certifications Are Mandatory to Get Microsoft Referrals

Microsoft gets to sell certifications and brag about how many “certified professionals” they have in the community and the companies have fewer problems convincing customers they actually know how to tie their own shoelaces because Microsoft vouches for them.







First and foremost requirement for any individuals entering into any Microsoft-sponsored training program should have superior computer and technical skills, access to a computer and a familiarity with Microsoft’s programs and platforms.

Through the training programs, Microsoft provides problems to individuals and check the scrutinizing capabilities ; they need ro complete homework and engage in group studies and hands-on practice.

The Microsoft certification training programs prepare students to take the certification exams, which can eventually lead to entry-level technology positions.

  • Program Levels in Microsoft Certification Training: Certificate program
  • Program Length: Self-paced
  • Other Requirements: Hands-on practice required through most programs
  • Online Availability: Online certificate programs are offered

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Certificate of Completion

Of all the Microsoft certifications, the MCP credential is the most basic and gives an applicant the most flexibility in determining his or her specialization. A Microsoft Certified Professional is anyone who has passed any of the Microsoft examinations. Students  who typically possess a background or degree in computer science or information technology, although main focus is given on the skills and presence of minds of the individuals . Students interested in working in an office or corporate environment can benefit from mastering Windows and SQL servers and Windows Developer. In the MCP training program, students take courses in their chosen subject, such as:

  • Consulting
  • Information technology
  • Database administration
  • Desktop support

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Certificate of Completion

The MCSE certificate program mainly focuses on the networking aspect of an operating system. Under this program the individual learns “how to build a secure structure of networks to be used in business information systems”. Also they  learn troubleshooting, designing, installing and configuring networks. The MCSE certificate program is best for students who have hopes of being systems analysts or architects. This program covers:

  • Configuring hardware
  • Installing drivers
  • Maintaining a server and its infrastructure
  • Establishing security frameworks

Three Levels of Microsoft Certifications


Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications validate technical skills in a specific Microsoft product, e.g., Windows 7.

Typical skills measured by MCTS certificates include implementing, troubleshooting, building on and debugging a particular Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certifications are the foundation of yourcloud-optimized Microsoft certification track.

Basically designed for job-seekers in the early stage of their IT career, these certifications demonstrate fundamental on-site and cloud-computing skills in one of Microsoft’s core platforms, i.e., Windows Server, SQL Server, Windows Client or Visual Studio.

Microsoft associate certifications are required to reach the expert-level credentials.


Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certifications are basically designed for programmers and developers, while Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certifications designate IT professionals with a non-development focus. Where the MCTS certification proved your skills in a single Microsoft technology, IT Professional & Developer certificates validate expertise across multiple technologies for a specific job role, e.g., Database Administrator or Enterprise Desktop Support Technician.

Typical skills measured by MCPD and MCITP certifications include designing, deploying, operating, integrating and optimizing the technologies for your IT job role.

Microsoft’s new expert class of credentials includes Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certifications for IT professionals and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certifications for which the MCSA certificate measures skills in asingle core technology, Microsoft expert-level certifications validate an individual’s wideranging technical skills, plus the ability to build on-premise and cloud-optimized solutions across multiple Microsoft platforms.

Microsoft expert certifications are required to reach the master-level credentials.



Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) certifications help the highest-achieving professionals in IT architecture distinguish their expertise. Candidates for this high-end Microsoft certification have been working in IT for over 10 years and acting in an architect capacity for at least 3 years.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM) certifications recognize the pre-eminent IT professionals in their area of expertise. MCSM certification-holders have the deep technical skills and field experience to plan, design and implement complex IT and business solutions for on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid enterprise environments using a wide range of technologies. The MCSM certification is the epitome of the Microsoft’s new MCP program and one of the industry’s most difficult IT certifications to achieve.

Microsoft Certifications List

MCTS Certifications

MCITP Certifications

MCPD Certification

MCA Certification

MOS Certification

MCT Certification

MCSE Certification

MTA Certifications

MCSA Certifications (2012)

MCSE Certifications (2012)



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