We all have heard the famous quote “Simplicity is Beauty” Yes, you got it right!!!! This simplicity approach is the foundation of Minimal and Flat Designs. We all like...

 We all have heard the famous quote “Simplicity is Beauty”

Yes, you got it right!!!!

This simplicity approach is the foundation of Minimal and Flat Designs.

We all like simple and user friendly things, easy to recognise, easy to remember, easy to handle things. Web development is also not untouched from this. We are living in a world where most of our day to day activity is dependent on internet and various websites are the first thing that we visit on internet. I would like to mention that websites have left no stone unturned to help people in achieving goal of their purpose of visiting internet.

Now, coming to the point ,first of all it is utmost important to know what actually is minimalistic approach in designing.

“The term minimalism is used to describe a trend in design and architecture, wherein the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. Only those things are used which are really necessary .All add on things are removed. Minimalistic design has been highly influenced by Japanese traditional design and architecture. “

Minimalism is a concept which ultimately refers to the word “bare minimum in design”.A lot can be said about this concept. It is the opposite of ‘traditionalism’ .
For eg.


These are the examples for ‘material designs’ very intricate and heavy.

Now we move on to lighter designs :-

m1So by these two pictures we can actually have an idea of Minimal & Flat designs.


Flat design is an experimental result of a number of design practices going in the direction of utter simplicity and minimalism. It is simply a design that’s stripped of any sort of impression of the third dimension. The elements are meant to appear as if they’re lying flat on a single surface. Hence the name – flat design. This design, is a minimized environment that relies heavily on the user’s familiarity with design interfaces overall, and gets rid of anything that doesn’t serve a functional purpose. For the untrained eye, flat design and material design look very much alike.

Benefits of using Flat Design

  • Less resource usage, which provides shorter loading times and less bandwidth consumed.
  • Overall looks the same on every device and is mobile-friendly.
  • Things that are not usable are omitted. Everything on the screen serves specific purpose.
  • It uses colors and typography, the designer uses various colors which grabs users attention.

There are a lot of examples showing flat website design implementation.









Now I can be assured that you all have an idea about how flat design web page look like. Again the big question is , how this type of idea com into real picture.


It is very well known that fashion trends come back every X years. This design is also a part of this well known trend.It’s an old trend with some new modification.The origins of flat design are dated to the 1940s and ’50s .The design was heavily based on sans-serif fonts, grid layouts, good content-headline separation.

Now again the question comes to our mind, what was the need for it?

The answer lies in the fact :-

  • Users becoming more curious with how the web works.
  • The market captured by mobile devices.
  • The new enhancements in web technologies.

One more fact worth noting is that nowadays users are smart enough to use digital interfaces. They dont need everything to be mentioned. Graphical representation is enough for them to guess what the particular thing is all about and we can use them.


Today most of the people use internet services on mobile devices. Everyone is owner of a smartphone. So this is a challenge foe web designers to create such application that looks equally good on desktop, laptop, tablet and of course mobile devices. There are hundreds of different types of mobile devices, with different specifications, different screens and sizes.

That’s when responsive design came along, and with it, the need to simplify everything heavily, but at the same time still make it look attractive. So flat design has become the solution everyone needed.

So suddenly, mobile devices became powerful enough to view the web just like a desktop computer would .


HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript solutions of today were the final nail in material design’s coffin, and what actually made flat design possible to happen.

With modern developments, it’s now possible to do much more in the source code So what was previously available only to professionals skilled with tools like Photoshop, can now be achieved through good use of CSS and HTML.


Flat design are most likely to stay with us for a longer while. They are part of content delivery in its simplest form. This in other way enhances the ability to adapt the information provided more easily. Maybe flat design will change to another format but the basic will remain the same.

So at this point it is impossible to predict what will happen in future. But one thing is for sure that people are going to like more simple design ideas like this apart from traditional designs.


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