Top 10 Sites for iOS Development

Talking about developing, a programmer is hungry for new options to get better support in programming means. Either android or iOS, it’s a person thought or view which helps...
Top 10 Sites for iOS Developing

Talking about developing, a programmer is hungry for new options to get better support in programming means. Either android or iOS, it’s a person thought or view which helps in the better development of the program. So today our main focus will be on the iOS developing so we need different sites of reference. After a long surf, finally we reached the shore of options and hence we provide you the top 10 sites for iOS developing:

Top 10 Website For IOS Development


  1. Apple documentation — Swift Overview

Official Apple documentation has always outstanding quality — no difference here. If you are newbie who wants to become an iOS developer, here you will find a great introduction to the programming language used in iOS programming — Swift. Also you will get familiar with accompanied tools — Xcode, Playgrounds and REPL. If you had to choose only one learning resource from this post, pick this — and dive into a massive, official Swift documentation provided by Apple.

  1. Ry’s Objective-C Tutorial

If you want to learn Objective-C (and as an iOS developer you should know at least basics), this is the best place to do it. It covers some pre-Objective-C required knowledge (basics of C), friendly introduction to the iOS programming as a whole (frameworks, philosophy, Xcode etc) and to the language itself — functions, classes, properties, methods, protocols, blocks, memory management and many, many more. Even if don’t want to learn Objective-C and go 100% the Swift way, learn this short course — it’s a very good starting point and knowing these topics should be enough for a Swift developer to not drown in the Objective-C sea.

  1. Stanford iTunes video course

Prefer video content over text? Check Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift by Stanford University — it totally rocks! Paul Hegarty will tour you from the beginning — iOS overview, basics of Xcode, MVC pattern and Swift — to advanced topics — protocols, segues, Core Location, camera, internationalization and many more. He’s a brilliant teacher and Stanford is a great university publishing this content for free for everyone. Definitely watch this course.


  1. AppCoda

This is by far my favorite site with step-by-step iOS programming tutorials. You will find there guides for many topics — making Apple Watch apps, notifications, widgets, language tips and tricks, In-App Purchases, Core Data basics and many, many more. All of this shown step by step using understanable language, ideal for beginners. I’ve learnt a ton of knowledge from this site and 8500 fans on Facebook cannot be wrong.


  1. Ray Wenderlich

A classic one! It’s probably the most known tutorial site in the iOS developer’s community and I know why — because it’s great. It’s bigger than AppCoda and has more authors, more content and use more Internet memes in its articles! If you want to invest in yourself, then be sure to check out their premium videos and eBooks — they are definitely worth recommending too.

  1. NSScreencast

Do you like weekly-delivered medium-sized portions of video content and by the way you want to learn some iOS development? Then I got something for you — it’s NSScreencast! It costs a few dollars per month (there are some free videos too, but not too many), so calculate if it’s worth your money.

  1. Cocoa Dev Central

This site can be a little outdated and I’m not sure if there is someone still working on it, but some topics aren’t changing too often — and one of that topics is Objective-C. If you want to learn this language, you’ll find there really great tutorials for it (just be careful — Objective-C was/is evolving too).

  1. NSHipster

Amazing place for in-depth learning specific Cocoa topics. Want to know about method swizzling, Swift literal convertibles, NSFileManager, iCloud or Clang diagnostics? Go and read all the archives, this is the site for you.

  1. Coding Explorer

GREAT blog for learning iOS development, especially Swift — you will be learning together with the author, as he’s currently learning too. Blog is new and updated regularly, definitely add it to your RSS reader. A ton of interesting topics around Swift.

  1. iOS Dev Weekly

Weekly newletter (probably the most popular one) about iOS development — hot news, dev tutorials, tools, design and marketing articles — everything that every iOS programmer needs. 200th issue went live last Friday and it seems that nothing can stop it! Just subscribe.


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