Top 7 Material Design Frameworks for Web Developers

  As you probably know by now, Material Design is a Design language developed by the Google, there has been a lot of excitement about material design for its...
7 Material Design Frameworks for Web Developers (1)


As you probably know by now, Material Design is a Design language developed by the Google, there has been a lot of excitement about material design for its animated elements, colors and layout principles.

If you are a web Developer and looking forward to start with the material design then I would suggest to look around some famous material design frameworks. Using a pre-built frameworks for your design will increase development efficiency. After some research and using some of this frameworks here are the list of top 7 Material Design Frameworks available for development.

  1. Materialize

     Materialize is a Responsive CSS Framework based on the Google’s Material Design Concepts. It is a Front-end framework that aims to bring Material design to Web Development. Materialize comes in two different forms: Materialize and SASS, depending upon your Website’s requirements you can use it accordingly. Materialize is a standard version that comes with both minified & unminified CSS and Javascript files. This version requires almost no setup, if you are unfamiliar with SASS then I will suggest use Materialize.

You can download it and integrate it into your project or also you can also setup by pasting following URL into <head> section.

“<link rel=”stylesheet”   href=””>”

<script src=””></script>


  1. Material-UI (MUI)

Material-UI is about React and Material design concept. So if you are not familiar with react, then before seeking about Material-UI first have basic knowledge about react. Material-UI is a set of React components do it is important to know how React fits into web development.

Material-UI is available as an npm package, npm(Node Package Manager) this is one kind of package repository where every developer can upload their node scripts and other developers can use that scripts into their projects. npm is a command line tool that, among other things, can be used to incorporate external JavaScript into one’s own project, simply by running “npm install material-ui” you can include npm and then use material-ui components into your project.

  1. Material Design for Bootstrap (MDB)

     Material Design for Bootstrap is a powerful Material Design UI toolkit that is designed framework specially for HTML, CSS & javascript – bootstrap. MDB is said powerful framework as it provide full responsive layout with plenty of beautiful components and useful templates. Also it provides CSS animations, ease of use and easily customizable.

To get start with Material Design for Bootstrap, you just need to register yourself and you can download package and you are ready to use it.

  1. Material Design Lite

     Material Design Lite is another famous framework that enables integration of material design to one’s website. It doesn’t rely on javascript frameworks and aims to enhance for cross-device use. The MDL components are developed with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Pages developed with MDL components are device independent and also have browser portability.

MDL is free downloadable and easy to use without any library integration or development environment. MDL is cross-browser and cross-OS development toolkit to develop usable web pages.

  1. Angular Material

     Here comes a framework that can be useful for AngularJS developers. Angular Material is the reference implementation of the google’s Material Design Concept. It focuses on UI components based on Material Design which provides set of reusable and well tested accessible UI components. Angular Material recently released version 1 which we consider to be stable and ready for production use.

To work with Angular Material you need to add some lines of code to your project and Codepen Community can be your best friend in implementing the Angular Material with AngularJS.


  1. Leaf Beta

     Leaf Beta is a CSS framework based on the Google’s Material Design. While still it is in beta phase and still under construction, it has extensive list of components of CSS such as buttons, cards, sliders, menus and many others. The best part of Leaf beta is that it is on github and everyone can contribute to it and so we may have a better framework available in future.

  1. Daemonite Material

     Daemonites’ Material is new framework developed recently. It was released on 23rd june as open-source project on github and today it has 1000 stars attesting to its popularity.  This framework provide UI components such as menus, resizable elements, buttons, cards, etc. This framework differ from others through its excellent material designed Datepicker.


There are few more frameworks available in the market that are not included here, you can research more and get information about these enlisted frameworks and even about those are not listed here and can share your experience with us through your valuable comments.

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