Now we would like to guess the term “MAC OS SIERRA” isn’t a new term for you. How could it possibly be with its features and advantages it is...

Now we would like to guess the term “MAC OS SIERRA” isn’t a new term for you.
How could it possibly be with its features and advantages it is bound to bring attention to your eye?
Though you can easily be introduced to MAC through any known person but if you are interested in full-fledged information you have reached the right place.
Mac OS Sierra (version 10.12) is the upcoming thirteenth major release for Apple Inc.’s desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers.
The successor to OS X El Capitan, it is the first version of the operating system issued under the June 2016 rebranding as mac OS. Mac OS Sierra, the next-generation Mac operating system, was unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 13. Apple chose to do away with the OS X name in favor of the new “mac OS” name to bring the Mac operating system in line with iOS, watch OS, and tvOS.
Aside from the very basics let’s get acquainted with the advantages this one has to offer which makes an irresistible urge to all.
Mac OS is a two-layered system: the attractive GUI sits atop a UNIX core, and UNIX is best-known for its security features.
With its features it is just not possible to install a destructive Trojan or virus unless the user explicitly allows it root access via typing in the admin password. Mac OS supports built-in firewall as well.
We know Apple for its controlled production from start to finish and that every part is designed as well as tested to work in alliance so there is not a question of reliability.
Ease of Use
Apple’s renouncement for their best industrial and interface designers around the globe and so OS’s functionality is designed to just work.


Mac OS Can Run Windows at the Same Time
A discreet feature indeed Mac OS runs on Intel chips, which means you can run XP or Vista concurrently with Mac OS, with Boot Camp or Parallels software as we often come across which are supported in one OS & not on another .
These cover some of the very basic advantages MAC OS SIERRA has to offer let’s plunge in bit deeper,
Siri control of system settings or Siri integration
The main new feature in macOS Sierra is Siri integration, bringing Apple’s personal assistant to the Mac for the first time. Siri offers many of the same capabilities available on iOS, along with Mac-specific functionality like the ability to search through documents to quickly find files.
At the keynote we saw Siri do the usual stuff that Siri can do on iOS, and of course Siri results can be pinned in Notification Canter or even dragged out into other apps. But Siri can also perform a bunch of commands that directly affect Mac hardware.
There’s also an option to pin Siri search results to the Today section of the Notification centre or to add them to documents to provide up to date information at a glance.


Optimized storage
Optimized Storage is a new feature designed to automatically free up storage space when a Mac’s HD or SSD is running out of room.
Optimized Storage stores infrequently used items in iCloud and removes the from the Mac, plus it sends reminders to users to prompt them to delete used app installers and clear out duplicate downloads, caches, logs, and more.
There’s an entire new Storage Management window, located in the System Information app, that provides a suite of tools to help you free up disk space.
You can also set if you’d like items that have been sitting in the Trash for 30 days to be automatically removed.
There’s also a feature called Reduce Clutter that’s reminiscent of a third-party spring-cleaning utility. This feature ferrets out large files in your system–giant iOS device backups
Compatibility with fewer Macs
Basically, if you’re running a Mac released in 2010 or later, you can definitely run macOS Sierra. This is an important feature that could not be ignored as the earlier features supported by OS were not designed for tackling compatibility issues.
List of hardware Macs capable of running Mac OS Sierra 10.12 is as follows:
⦁ MacBook Pro
⦁ MacBook Air
⦁ Mac Mini
⦁ Mac Pro
⦁ MacBook
⦁ iMac


Apple Pay knows when your phone is nearby
Mac is aware if there’s an Apple-Pay eligible device within range, Safari can actually be instructed by web pages to show or hide Apple Pay buttons based on a device’s proximity to the Mac.
If you’re browsing an Apple Pay-enabled web site without your iPhone or Apple Watch nearby, a website can opt to make the Apple Pay button vanish.
And then if you bring your iPhone within range, the Apple Pay button can magically reappear.


Sharing in Notes
Just click on the Share button at the top of the Notes window and choose your method of sharing–you can send a share link via Messages, Twitter, or even just pop it on the clipboard and do what you want with it.
Once someone else is sharing your note with you, they can edit it at the same time you are, and changes show up within a couple of seconds.


Photos Enhanced
Apple says the new face-recognition engine is far more modern and efficient than the old Faces engine was, though in my testing it seemed to not catch as many faces. If you have pictures of people’s faces attached to their contact information, Photos will use that to try to automatically name them. Otherwise, you can identify faces directly within the People album, by clicking and typing
A new effect in the editing window of Photos is called Brilliance, which does a whole bunch of different things–brightening dark areas, dropping down highlights, and increasing contrast. It’s also been added as a dimension in the automatic enhance tool, changing how that tool behaves.
Messages synced
Like Photos, all of Apple’s improvements to Messages were covered in the iOS portion of the keynote.
One improvement to Messages works both ways: the addition of rich URL previews. Now when you send or receive a message that contains a URL, Messages will load the name (and if possible, an image) of the page you’re referencing and display it in an attractive preview box.
Additionally an email that you want to read in its entirety, ask Siri to “Read that email,” and the virtual assistant will read everything. When the message is over, Siri will also ask if you want to respond to the email.


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