UX Anticipation For Developers

Starting with an most sensational topic about User Experience; It’s an area that diverge into various streams. Irrespective of Altar, the diversify of this Term UX Which has been...
UX Anticipation For Developers

Starting with an most sensational topic about User Experience; It’s an area that diverge into various streams. Irrespective of Altar, the diversify of this Term UX Which has been evolving during the Evolutions. Having Said that Yesterday Graphic Designer have been evolved into Today’s User Experience/ User Interface Designer & more Transformation are yet to come. We need to adapt this Area in various firms; to get an highly Fascinating & Trascendental Product or Service. The Stinit, UX which has been develop into the various streams.

I’ve Developed a Cheat Sheet that would be helpful for Developers & Designer, in order to accomplish various endeavour during the development of a Phenomenal Apps and Websites.


IF you’re a Developer and got stuck into a UX Problem but don’t know really the root cause? OR you are Aspiring Designer & Not Sure about various works done by different UX Fields ?

OR Which Field to Select as Career Options? Or you are novice to Designer Stream this Article help you to follow up a good plan of action.


Having Said that, We shall now accumulate our Article. Somehow in a way or another it is also connected with our context i.e Developers.


So Here We go,


A User Researcher Owns Research Strategy.Organizes the Information in an order to get an camaraderie outcome. Subsequently they does the Usability Studies, Interviews , Surveys and any holistics field work which has been directly/Indirectly connected to the users. Digging more deep to know the Root of the Problem Statement they also Perform Heuristic Surveys. Builds Personas, Empathy Maps which is Subsequently serve as the voice of the user.



This Field is also fall interlace into this plexus. In order to understand the Business objective  & Strategy they hold an accomplished plan to know the solution of an problem. Articulates, Clarifies business objective and ensure that the business values are defined. Perhaps this, emanate the flow of developing a product or service. This also serve as a voice of Business.



Well, One of the most Glamorous area of User Experience Designer. This field Deals in order to Develop the Following, User Interfaces, Brand Strategy, Style Guides, Color Theory & Palettes, Typography, Iconography, Accessibility much visual appealing scenes has been designed by Visual Designer. Delighting users with designs that inspire, engage and excite them. Relying on user-centered design principles to produce high-quality visual from concept to execution across many platforms.



This Stream indeed needs coding ability. A front-end developer architects and develops websites and applications using web technologies. To Develop Prototype or an END USER Product this Field need an contemplate flow.Coding Languages you need to know are HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, and so on. Straight forward to make client side development.

Making Interactive Prototype is also the Forte of this.



The Work of an Interaction Designer is to focus aesthetics and communication,followed by how to make engagements delightful and immersively beautiful. IxD are focused on users and how they interact with the objects around them. They posses high Perceived Affordance of Numerous objects into their minds. How do people move around the site? What happens when people click on this button? Will changing the color or size of a widget influence users to make bigger purchases, or interact with the site differently. IxD create wireframes, or visual blueprints for a site’s design, as well as digging into Mental Modeling, which is the fundamental way the information on the site is organized, displayed, and identified to users.



An Information Architect is someone who does; Navigation Schemes, Organization Schemas, Search Schemas, Taxonomies, Metadata.They Primarily focuses on organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an hyper efficient and justifiable way. The goal is to help users find information and complete tasks. syne the field of IA is complex and when dealing with large information systems the task becomes more massive, sometimes experts choose a

specialized niche within the discipline.



Content Strategists achieve business goals by maximizing the commercial impact of content. Assimilating Analytical skills, Strategic planning and Design, Project management, Training and presenting skills, Technical integration, User experience skills, Content marketing skills. Concluding a plan, method, or series of manoeuvres or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result are defined by Content Strategist.



UX Strategist does Accumulate the of user behavior online, observing and documenting what makes us browse, engage, shop, play, and linger online. They’re integral to a company’s ability to drive consumers toward brand loyalty and purchases. Assessment, Vision, Objectives, Planning, Measurement,Execution are done by them.

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